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  Mission furniture is the generic term for Arts and Crafts Period furniture manufactured during the fist two decades of the 20th Century. Another generic term is "Stickley furniture". There were many makers of mission furniture, but the majority of makers fell into three categories; high quality craft firms and furniture manufacturers such as Gustav Stickley and Charles Limbert, lesser quality mass-producers of mission style furniture with the right look, but of poor quality and the home enthusiast or individual craftsman.

In the early 1970's the Arts and Crafts Period limbert bookcaseand mission furniture were rediscovered by a whole new generation of collectors, designers and homeowners, who appreciated the clean designs and unusual forms of the furniture and later embraced the ideals of the movement.

Today, the revival of the Arts and Crafts movement continues and has outlasted the 20-plus year run of the original movement. One of the few original furniture manufacturers from the time that is still in operation is the Stickley Company of Manlius, NY. Stickley is the former L&JG Stickley Company.

On this website we will feature the products of single person craft shops as well as larger enterprises producing high-quality contemporary mission furniture.

Mission Furniture History

Original Manufacturers and Craftsmen from the Arts & Crafts Period

Gustav Stickley and the Craftsman Workshops - In operation from approximately 1900 until its bankruptcy in 1915. Located in Eastwood, NY and also New York City, NY.
-Gustav Stickley is regarded as the premier maker of high-quality original design mission furniture, during the Arts and Crafts Period. The furniture of the firm was mostly machine produced, although a lot of handwork and craftsmanship did go into each piece.

Gustav Stickley furniture
Early Gustv Stickley Desk
stickley bookcase
Gustav Stickley Double Door Bookcase
Gustav Stickley paper label
Gustav Stickley "Craftsman" Paper Label
stickley mark - decal
Early Gustav Stickley Decal

L&JG Stickley - In operation from approximately 1902 until the present. Located in Fayetteville, NY and later Manlius, NY.
-L&JG Stickley was formed by two of Gustav Stickley's younger brothers, Leopold and John George. Their furniture was also of high quality, but many of their designs were derivative of their older brother's unique original designs.

L&JG Stickley furniture
L&JG Stickley Magazine Stand
L&JG Morris Chair
L&JG Stickley Morris Chair
L&JG Stickley Decal
L&JG Stickley "work of" Decal
L&JG Stickley mark - decal
L&JG Stickley "handcraft" Decal

To View These Antique Items, Please Go To GustavStickley.com

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