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Black River Mission- Specializing in custom Arts & Crafts/Mission furniture to meet today's needs. Our pieces are finished in the traditional ways of the old making them mix very well with the turn of the century pieces.

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Handel Double Arm Arts & Crafts Base w Signed Brown Teroma Rivet Strapping Shades

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Handel Double Arm Arts & Crafts Base w Signed Brown Teroma Rivet Strapping Shades


For auction is an Arts & Crafts designed table lamp made by The Handel Lamp Company of Meriden, CT. This lamp is a great size for a desk lamp. The lamp is tall as it stands 21 3/4" tall and is 18 1/2" wide to the outside bottom of each shade. The foot has a diameter of 7 7/8".

The table lamp displays a fabulous Arts and Crafts design of rivet heads and strap work armature on the main column of the lamp base. It has a very nice bronze patina on a copper plated zinc base. It has 2 arms that reach over, up, and out with a bell shaped shade fitter. It still retains the original metal turnkey sockets switches inside the cups. In these bell fitter cups are beautiful original Brown Teroma "Chipped " molded glass shades with the same motif as the base. Each one is mold pressed and displays mock rivets and strapping like the base. The texture of the glass is very similar to their glue chipped or chipped ice reverse painted shades. This base has been professionally rewired with the brown rayon antique style lamp cord and antique style plug. It has been tested and works fine.

The lamp base and shades are considered to be in very good to excellent condition. The base has areas of some patina loss and a few dings but nothing major. One of the fitter cups has a small indent. The shades are in excellent condition as there are no cracks, or major chips. The fitter area on both shades is the same way. I applied a dark brown felt to the bottom to protect furniture but before I did that I took a picture of the raised signature mark that is right in the mold of this base that reads "HANDEL" in block letters. The shades are signed "Handel" in the neck of each shade in block letters.

This particular lamp base from the Handel Lamp Company is quite rare. I have attached a picture of this lamp with original Handel Strapping shades from the book titled "Handel Lamps" by Robert DeFalco, John and Carole Hibel page number 216. If you have an Arts and crafts decorated home you cannot find any better lamp than this to compliment the decor. This lamp cast a warm glow when lit using 25 watt clear torpedo bulbs not included. I'm positive the buyer will be quite pleased with their purchase. This lamp was made circa 1905-1915.

I have many more pictures if you need to see of the lamp and the factory described "Chipped" glass molded 2 1/4" Arts and Crafts shade. I have shown an early advertisement with this exact base with the same style shades in my last picture.

I will pack and ship this lamp in 1 box. It will be a large box 25x25x14 with Styrofoam sides and bottom floor. I know I will be charged dimensional weight and I am shipping from the furthest zone here in New Hampshire. I have found my shipping cost to be accurate because of this and the materials we use to pack and ship lamps successfully.


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