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Black River Mission- Specializing in custom Arts & Crafts/Mission furniture to meet today's needs. Our pieces are finished in the traditional ways of the old making them mix very well with the turn of the century pieces.

mission style settle

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24K 5 by 7 Celadon Tile Cedar $150Suzanne Crane 
24K 5 by 7 Red Tile Cedar $150Suzanne Crane 
24K 5x7 Celadon Tile Nutleaf $150Suzanne Crane 
24K 5x7 Red Tile Oak Ivy $150Suzanne Crane 
24K Basket Handled Red Teapot $600Suzanne Crane 
24K Cigar Box Cedar Bowl $350Suzanne Crane 
24K Cigar Box Cedar Bowl Open Price Avail on request Suzanne Crane 
24K Cigar Box Cream and Sugar Open Price Avail on request Suzanne Crane 
24K Cigar Box Cream and Sugar Set $398Suzanne Crane 
24K Cigar Box Ewer $310Suzanne Crane 
24K Cigar Box Lidded Bowl $400Suzanne Crane 
24K Cigar Box Set Vase and Vessel $750Suzanne Crane 
24K Cigar Box Set Vase and Vessel $680Suzanne Crane 
24K Large Red Lotus Bowl $550Suzanne Crane 
24K Oval Button Cups in Red $150Suzanne Crane 
24K Raj Rustica Jar in Red $400Suzanne Crane 
24K Royal Taj Urn in Red $950Suzanne Crane 
24K Small Candlestick $250Suzanne Crane 
24K Taj Teapot in Celadon $600Suzanne Crane 
24K Taj Urn $950Suzanne Crane 
24K Tuxedo Black Set of Oval Cups $150Suzanne Crane 
Acorn Teapot and Oxide Cups $635Suzanne Crane 
Amber Fiddlehead Pitcher $300Suzanne Crane 
Amber Palm Krater $625Suzanne Crane 
Amber Persian Bowl $375Suzanne Crane 
Amber Solomon's Seal Platter $450Suzanne Crane 
Amber Stove Backsplash Price Avail on request Suzanne Crane 
Amber Three Fern Sink Bowl $1,600Suzanne Crane 
Amber Whiskey Bottle $250Suzanne Crane 
Arrowroot $95Black River Mission 
Basket Handled Teapot with Red Berries and 4 Bamboo Cups $720Suzanne Crane 
Basket-handled Teapot with Red Berries $600Suzanne Crane 
Bathroom Tiles and Vessel Sink Price Avail on request Suzanne Crane 
Beaker Bud Vase Set $360Suzanne Crane 
Belted Cylinder in Amber $250Suzanne Crane 
Belted Cylinder in Blue with Lid $298Suzanne Crane 
Belted Cylinders $250Suzanne Crane 
Big Dogwood Platter in Amber $500Suzanne Crane 
Blushing Pear $120Suzanne Crane 
Botanical Pears $250Suzanne Crane 
Branch and Berry Vase Smaller $270Suzanne Crane 
Bud Vase Trio $240Suzanne Crane 
Chubby Lamp with Red Berries in Amber with Dogwood $600Suzanne Crane 
Chubby Oriental Jar in Green $380Suzanne Crane 
Chubby Pitcher w Red Berries $310Suzanne Crane 
Chubby Pitcher with Red Berries $300Suzanne Crane 
Cookie/Cannister Red Medium $310Suzanne Crane 
Dessert Plates in Amber $120Suzanne Crane 
Dinner Plate $220Suzanne Crane 
Dogwood Urn $800Suzanne Crane 


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